Bernie Bros Will REJOICE When They Hear What Sanders Just Said About 2024

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Democrats are having a hard time finding a Democrat nominee in the 2024 presidential primaries, as 2 of their top voices don’t seem to want the job.

The Hill writes. Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday said he hadn’t yet decided whether he will make another bid for the White House.

Sanders, an Independent who caucuses with Senate Democrats, mounted his first presidential campaign as a Democrat in the 2016 general election, ultimately losing the party’s nomination to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He ran again in the 2020 election cycle but suspended his campaign before the primaries concluded, ceding the Democrats’ nomination to now-President Biden. He said his priority now is traveling around the country to get “often young progressives” elected. Asked what he thinks about a potential reelection bid for Biden, Sanders insisted “that’s his decision.” 

Let’s watch.

Bernie Sanders is not the only candidate him hawing about running for president.

Next News network previously reported. a moderator asked Newsom whether he would run for president in 2024 or 2028, and the governor said no. It should be noted that President Joe Biden’s plans were not contingent upon the moderator’s questioning.


Democrats have a lot of soul searching to do when they are looking for their 2024 nominee, what qualities do they seek in a president? Will the Democrats cave to their insane liberal minority and put out an extremist? Will they swindle the nomination again from someone like Bernie Sanders? Regardless of who they choose us Republicans will have a tough choice to make also in our primaries ahead of us with the way it’s looking. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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