THEY’RE FINISHED. New Data Shows TOTAL DESTRUCTION For Dems in These Key Battleground States

THEY’RE FINISHED. New Data Shows TOTAL DESTRUCTION For Dems in These Key Battleground States
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 Despite what the Democrats are pushing, Republicans are surging ahead of the November Elections.

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The midterms are upon us! Across the country large fortunes are being spent to sway the minds of Americans to vote for their chosen candidate. Yet despite all the spending on the Democrat side it appears that a majority of people are not buying the lies. 

According to an ABC News/Washington Post poll of registered voters, Republicans are 21 points ahead of Democrats in battleground districts across the country. 21 points, that’s right. Many key pollsters believe Republican voters are hesitant to answer polling surveys because they fear the FBI might confiscate their cellphones – and they aren’t just likely voters – they are registered voters.

According to ABC’s FiveThirtyEight model, voters favor Republican candidates 55 percent to 34 percent in races rated at least somewhat competitive. By the way, the likely voter subheading showed a 51-46 Republican-Democratic split.

According to the poll, the GOP is most popular on three of the four most important issues, the economy (rated most important by 84 percent), education (77 percent), inflation (76 percent), and crime (69 percent).

On the economy, the GOP is plus-16, on inflation plus-19, and on crime plus-14.

The poll also asked respondents about President Biden’s job approval, to which 39% approved and 53% disapproved. 

This news comes as a major liberal district is showing a red swell.

Next News Network reported. A new poll shows Democrat incumbent Democratic Sen. Patty Murray of Washington losing ground to Republican challenger Tiffany Smiley.

The statewide survey of 1,091 likely voters conducted by the Trafalgar Group between Sept. 21 and 24 showed that 48.7% of voters would cast a ballot for Murray if the election was held today, while 46.5% would vote for Smiley. The poll had a margin of error of 2.9%, making the race a statistical tie.

While the polling shows that the Republicans are setting up to massively sweep the floor with their radical leftist opponents. This will not happen without you! It is your job to make sure everyone around you gets out to vote. Only this will ensure that we change what is wrong with your state and this country. Get out and Vote!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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