Are You Ready for a World without Cars? The New York Ban Shows Us What’s to Come

Are You Ready for a World without Cars? The New York Ban Shows Us What's to Come
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 New York has launched an attack on those who drive gas-powered vehicles. This report tells you everything you need to know if you plan on driving in New York in the coming years. 

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New York state is following California’s lead of banning the sale of gas-powered vehicles. 

According to the Daily Wire, Governor Kathy Hochul announced at a press conference in White Plains, New York, that she would direct the State Department of Environmental Conservation to ban the sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035. 

All new passenger vehicles would be required to be zero-emissions under new state regulations yet to be announced. The state is the latest to adopt the policy after California announced it would ban new gas car sales by 2035.

Additionally, the state has committed $10 million to its “Drive Clean Rebate” program, which offers residents an additional $2,000 state tax rebate on top of the $7,500 federal rebate. On top of a $250 million commitment from the state, the state also received $175 million in federal investments as part of the bipartisan infrastructure law in 2021.

As we previously reported, In August, the California Air Resources Board moved to require all new vehicles in the state to run on electricity by the year 2035.

Citizens of California are allowed to continue driving and buying gas-powered vehicles after 2035, but no new models will be sold in the state thereafter.

The switch to electric vehicles may seem like the answer, but our power grids cannot handle that kind of load right now. We need to take a look at some other options before we make that jump.

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