Bill Clinton FLIPS on Biden With Bombshell ADMISSION About Border Crisis You need to See To Believe

Bill Clinton FLIPS on Biden With Bombshell ADMISSION About Border Crisis You need to See To Believe
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You know things are bad on the southern border when even Bill Clinton comes out saying there is a limit on how many illegals America can sustain. 

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The border is an absolute disaster, millions of illegal migrants have come across the border this year alone. Now even Bill Clinton is saying it is too much.

Daily Mail writes. Border agents have encountered more than 2.1 million border crossings this fiscal year, the highest number ever recorded in Department of Homeland Security (DHS) history. There were 203,000 crossings in August. Former President Bill Clinton said the U.S. has a ‘limit’ to how many migrants it can take into the country and said there are are some who ‘game’ the system. 

Let’s Watch.

Never before in American history has America seen the levels of illegals crossing the border.

According to Newsweek, During Biden’s presidency, US Border Patrol (USBP) and Office of Field Operations (OFO) recorded approximately 189,000 encounters per month, compared to just under 51,000 during Trump’s.

During Biden’s fewer than two years in office, he has already recorded over one million more illegal crossings than Trump in his entire presidency – including over 2 million crossings in just 2022.

Biden is failing the United States Of America. The writing is on the wall and being screamed from every rooftop, for Biden to change course on his destructive policies. But he will not change his stances, as he is doing what his masters are asking him to do. 

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