SHOCK Results: Biden Will HIDE When He Sees How Many Dems Want Him in 2024

SHOCK Results: Biden Will HIDE When He Sees How Many Dems Want Him in 2024
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Donald Trump leaves Biden in his dust after the recent results from this poll, Biden isn’t even close.

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There has been a lot of polling recently on both sides of the aisle with the midterms coming up, some of those polls have shocking results, and some have results we expected. 

Breitbart reports.  Former President Donald Trump enjoys significantly more support from his Republican base than President Biden sees from Democrats, a recent survey released this week found. Both Democrats and Republicans were asked who they would vote for if their respective presidential primaries were held today.

Around one-third of Democrats — 34 percent — said they would vote for Biden. The former first lady Michelle Obama was second with 11 percent support, followed by Vice President Kamala Harris (10 percent), Sen. Bernie Sanders (7 percent), Hillary Clinton (5 percent), and Pete Buttigieg and Gov. Gavin Newsom with four percent each. Although no other candidate came close, 11 percent of Democrats remain unsure who to support.

Unlike Biden, Trump has significant support from his base, with 54 percent of Republicans saying they will vote for him in the GOP primary. In August, prior to the FBI’s unprecedented raid on Mar-a-Lago, 53 percent said the same. 

With 15 percent, Gov. Ron DeSantis came in second, followed by former Vice President Mike Pence with 8 percent. Other Republicans did not see anything over two percent.  However, 10% of Republicans remain unsure. 

The survey concludes that Biden is “weak across the board within his own constituency, the Democrats.” Trump, however, does not have that issue.

These numbers are still very high for former president Trump even after all the negative media and attention going his way.

Next News Network reported. A project led by top Obama aide Richard Stengel and founded by Tara McGowan, a Democratic strategist linked to George Soros, appears to have offered money to social media influencers to make false claims about President Donald Trump and January 6th on the Chinese Communist-owned platform TikTok. Among the falsehoods used in the attempted disinformation campaign was the claim that Donald Trump paid millions for the 2021 riots at the US Capitol.

It should be no surprise that over 50% of those polled said they support our former President for another run, he is The Donald after all! Given today’s economy, the potential for wars, and pending shortages, we all want our president back in office as soon as possible. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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