WHOOPS! Squad Member SPEECHLESS When Asked If Biden is the Best Democrat to Run in 2024

WHOOPS! Squad Member SPEECHLESS When Asked If Biden is the Best Democrat to Run in 2024
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Cori Bush makes shocking revelations about her support of Biden for a 2024 presidential bid.

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Democrats are fleeing when they are asked to say on camera, that they support President Biden for another term.

Fox News reports. Cori Bush told the hosts of “The View” on Tuesday that she would support Biden if he were to run for president in 2024 and that he has the “experience” and “qualifications.” 

“You’re a rising progressive star. 2024, is Biden the best candidate to represent Democrats if it’s Trump he’s up against?” Alyssa Farah Griffin asked Bush.

Alyssa Farah Griffin was shocked by Bush’s refusal to say Biden should be the nominee.


A shocking poll came out showing exactly what Democrat voters think of Biden running again.

Next News Network reported. According to an ABC News and Washington Post poll, 56% of Democratic-registered voters and Democratic-leaning voters want another candidate to be the nominee. Only 35% of respondents prefer Biden as the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2024. The president’s approval rating fell to new lows among liberals (68%), southerners (33%), and middle- to upper-middle-class people (34%). Black adults also approved of Biden at a record low 31%. There is a growing trend among Democrats who will not endorse Biden for reelection.


The proof is in the videos. Democrats are running from the sinking ship Biden is piloting, here’s to a Ruby Red 2024 Presidential election!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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