Jill Biden CAUGHT STRUTTING In High Heels In Front of Hurricane Victims

Jill Biden CAUGHT STRUTTING In High Heels In Front of Hurricane Victims
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 Dr Jill Biden wears high heels to view the aftermath of hurricane Ian, one problem the leftist media is leaving out.

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Oh, who can forget the literal crap show when Melania Trump went out to see the damage caused by hurricane harvey? It was over a pair of stilettos, now Dr Jill Biden is wearing hurricane kitty heels. Except where is the lefts outrage?

Trending politics writes. Dr. Jill Biden toured the Hurricane Ian wreckage with nominal President Joe Biden on Wednesday. Her choice of attire seemed remotely familiar for a First Lady: ‘Kitten heels.’.

Charlie Spiering wrote on twitter. “I’m told by reliable sources that Jill Biden is wearing kitten heels as she leaves for the trip to visit hurricane damage in Florida,” Charlie Spiering of Breitbart News noted. “Not stilettos, as Melania Trump wore in 2017 that triggered the haters when she went to Texas to view damage from Hurricane Harvey.”

The leftist media trying at any and every opportunity to attack President Trump and his wife Melania Immediately pounced on Melania.

Vogue’s headline on the heels was “Melania Trump’s Hurricane Stilettos, and the White House’s Continual Failure to Understand Optics”

Bazaar wrote. Melania Trump Gets Backlash for Wearing Heels to Help Hurricane Victims

Insider wrote, “The designer behind the ‘storm stilettos’ Melania Trump wore to Texas after Hurricane Harvey has spoken out”

Like they really needed to contact the designer. But for Dr. Jill Biden, the media is overtly nice. Literally no articles on her attire. Or we would show them, outside of the article we are reporting on now.

The news about Jill Biden’s shoes came after reports of Kamala Harris being racist towards hurricane relief recipients. 

Next news network reported. Many people are angry after VP Harris’ comments that taxpayer funded Ian aid will be based on equity. This implies that those who have more, will get less aid, and those who have less, will get more. This seems extremely unfair, and racist, to many people, and now she’s been confronted on the matter. Will everyone really be getting an equal amount of help? FEMA has the answer on that. But it’s clear she’s just pandering to a specific group of voters.


It is incredible the duality of the media, at this point it is not shocking it is exhausting. There needs to be a reckoning on how the media has been acting for the last 6 plus years. At least Melania Trump can wear kitten heels now, and not worry about backlash.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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