‘President DeSantis’ – Someone at the WH is in HUGE trouble after this Epic Screw Up

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It’s no secret that the 2024 election is getting closer, and with the recent release of a photo of Ron DeSantis behind the presidential podium, conservatives are having a field day. Some are even calling it a ‘smack in the face’ to Biden.

A photo of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis at the presidential podium Wednesday was mocked on social media by conservatives.

The Daily Wire writes, President Joe Biden joined DeSantis at a press conference Wednesday afternoon. Live footage showed Florida’s governor speaking behind a podium bearing the president’s seal.

As noted by the NY Post, DeSantis is considered a top contender to challenge Biden in 2024, and critics mocked the poor planning and optics of the photo.

On Twitter, Republican Governors Association Communications Director Jesse Hunt shared a picture of Fox News’ coverage of the press conference.

While DeSantis spoke behind the presidential podium, Biden stood behind him, while Florida Democratic Commissioner of Agriculture Nikki Fried, who had run for governor against DeSantis, stood behind him.

“It’s moments like this when many in the national press should realize their preconceived notions about Ron DeSantis and his leadership style are way off base,” Hunt wrote.

Twitter users quickly mocked the White House advance media team for giving one of Biden’s chief political rivals an easy photo op behind a presidential podium.

“The Biden White House arranged a photo op for Ron DeSantis to speak at a podium with the presidential seal. Wow,” radio talk show host Larry O’Connor wrote on Twitter.

“The Biden Advance Team letting DeSantis speak from behind the presidential seal is something to behold,” conservative radio host Erick Erickson wrote.

“I can’t believe the Biden advance team allowed this to happen. Amazing!😂” Neil Chatterjee, Former Chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, tweeted.

“Tough day for the WH advance team,” Daily Wire host Michael Knowles wrote.

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