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In a harrowing tale school bus drivers jump into action and become the hero this 2 year old child desperately needed.

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Everyone likes to think that when the time comes they will be able to jump into action and save the day, thankfully for most people this never has to happen. But for 2 bus drivers that day came, and they were the heroes that were needed.

Daily caller writes. A video released Monday shows two bus drivers working together to rescue a small child who was reportedly abducted during a carjacking Tuesday in Kentwood, Michigan.

According to Fox 17, the toddler was abducted while his parents waited to board a second child’s school bus near their car. According to the outlet, someone jumped inside the car and drove off with the toddler still inside after the couple left it running.

Lets Watch

This in stark contrast to an incident involving an ice cream truck driver. 

Daily caller writes. In September, a 10-year-old girl in Staten Island claimed she was abducted by a man driving an ice cream truck.

As the child was walking into a deli in Mariners Harbor, the man grabbed her wrist and dragged her into an ice cream truck, the New York Post reported. After breaking free from the truck less than a mile from where she was abducted, she flagged down a passerby and used their phone to contact her mother. Thank God she is safe.

The world can be a scary place for parents as a split second can mean life and death. Thankfully in the case of the bus drivers they were there and quickly rescued the child from the abductor. They were the exact heroes needed that day, God Bless Them.

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