The Army’s NEW Tank Will Make Woke Lefties All Tingly Inside

The Army’s NEW Tank Will Make Woke Lefties All Tingly Inside
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Abrams has announced its newest iteration of the tank that it is famous for. But it has a lot of differences from previous models, and has some decidedly green aspects that may not service it well.

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America is famous for its military and excellence on the battlefield, despite some failures the world has never known a more competent military force. 

Western journal reports. A military can only go as far as food and fuel will allow it. So the pentagon has announced that they now have a more fuel efficient battle tank.


It sure does look cool, but it is lighter and has a dual fuel system that they stated meets the army’s climate and electrification standards. Abrams states that the tank has a capacity to run silently on the battlefield.

But the concern for most former military members is that woke policies, and liberal leanings will make the tank a less fit fighting machine, and less effective on the battlefield due to it being lighter, and electric.

But there are some high profile former military members speaking out against the new leftist policies being put out.

Next News network reported. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls out the detrimental effects of radical leftism on national defense and military readiness in the U.S. military. 

According to Townhall, Throughout the ad, Pompeo reflects on his experiences leading “some of America’s finest” and expresses his concern that the Biden administration will push woke theories on American soldiers and threaten the national security of the country. 

Pompeo’s CAV Fund is also launching a project titled Troops Speak Out, which asks “service members, veterans, and all Americans to share how ‘woke’ ideology has impacted their lives.”

Although the new tank looks cool, who knows how effective it will be on the battlefield, and with the rest of the world catching up in terms of advanced weaponry we hope that the military does not suffer for the new policies being put in place. We need a military that is the strongest in the world, and one capable of defeating any enemy. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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