RINO Murkowski Dealt MAJOR Blow When Prominent Pollster Delivers BRUTAL Reality Check

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It’s official: with the midterm election just under a month away, Lisa Murkowski is in big trouble. According to the latest forecast from FiveThirtyEight, the incumbent senator from Alaska now has only a slim chance of winning reelection against a Trump-backed MAGA candidate.

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Lisa Murkowski, the sitting Alaska senator, has been in office for 20 years and is in danger of losing it to a former president’s backed challenger.

FOX News reports, according to election forecaster FiveThirtyEight, a Republican has a 99% chance of winning Alaska’s senate election next month with Republican challenger Kelly C. Tshibaka expected to win with 53% of the vote.

It is currently a tight race between Tshibaka, a Republican challenger backed by Trump, who was formerly the Alaska Department of Administration commissioner and Lisa Murkowski who sparked controversy after supporting impeaching  President Trump, generating controversy as a result.

As a result of Murkowski’s vote to convict Trump during his second impeachment trial, the state’s Republican Party censured her and vowed to recruit a challenger to replace her. 

Tshibaka would be a big win for the right.

As we recently reported, there have been more donations from Alaska to Kelly Tshibaka’s campaign than to Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s campaign

Tshibaka has raised nearly 55 percent of her donations from in-state donors. In total, only 44.5% are from outside the state.

In Alaska, Tshibaka has raised nearly $425,000 more than Murkowski. Tshibaka has raised $20,000 more than her opponent in Anchorage alone.

It’s been a long time coming, but finally, Lisa Murkowski may face the consequences of her repeated betrayals of conservative values. After voting to convict Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial, she earned the censure of her own party and the backing of a MAGA candidate for her seat as Alaska senator. And according to FiveThirtyEight’s forecast, she’s expected to lose in the upcoming midterm election with only a slim chance of hanging onto her 20-year tenure. This loss would send a message to all Republican politicians who stray from their conservative principles – betray us and there will be consequences. It’s time for conservatives across America to stand up and fight for our values, starting with voting out oppressors like Lisa Murkowski on November 8th. It’s going to be a battle, but we’re ready. Get ready to witness history in the making.

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