Shocking! Democrats Attack Republicans Kids Over A Tweet

Shocking! Democrats Attack Republicans Kids Over A Tweet
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A disgusting report of the left once again taking it too far has come out, this time the leftist media is attempting to get a candidate’s children taken away, over politics. 

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Daily wire writes. Self-described “Award-winning multi-media journalist” David Leavitt called Child Protective Services on Virginia State Senate candidate Tina Ramirez, reporting her for “child abuse” because her opinion of Columbus Day differed from his.

The spat began with an apparent non-sequitur, when Leavitt replied to a tweet from Ramirez over reports that PayPal planned to fine people for spreading “misinformation” — a story broken by Daily Wire reporter Ben Zeisloft.

Candidate Tina Ramirez tweetwd. “I teach my daughter real American history. I refuse to join the radical left’s campaign to erase history.” which Leavitt replied “Why are you celebrating torture, rape, murder, and enslavement?”

Things spiraled out of control from there. 

With David Leavitt encouraging his followers to report the candidate to Child protective Services, and when it appeared that no one was doing so he proceeded to tweet about himself calling and trying to get her kids taken away. Leavitt complained about the wait time for CPS “The Virginia State hotline for child abuse has a 10+ minute hold and is experiencing “high call volumes” with 14 callers ahead of me. This is absolutely unacceptable. How many people try to report child abuse and hang up? How many children will continue to be abused?”

Tina Ramirez fired back at the wacko leftist by saying ““Radical leftist @David_Leavitt didn’t just call CPS to level accusations against me,” she continued. “He waited an hour on hold, tying up the lines of our CPS professionals trying to help Virginia’s children. The radical left is willing to put our children at risk to cancel conservatives.”

Ramirez continued her attacks on Leavitt by tweeting “ It’s no surprise that a member of the radical left is willing to go so far as to call CPS on a single mother – simply because they want to erase history. The radical left doesn’t want parents making decisions for their own families,”

This comes after leftists attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene attempting to harm her family.

Next news network reported. Marjorie Taylor Greene who was recently the victim of a swatting incident has some powerful words to share with all of us about what happened and how we can help prevent these types of attacks from happening in the future.

The appalling actions of the left have reached a new low with the attempted abuse of power against Virginia State Senate candidate Tina Ramirez. Self-proclaimed Award-winning journalist David Leavitt made an outrageous and completely unfounded call to Child Protective Services, attempting to get Ramirez’s children taken away from her for the crime of having a different opinion on Columbus Day. This is not the first time we have witnessed the left stoop to such disgusting levels in their pursuit of political power. 

Remember when, Then Democratic Presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee joked about killing President Trump and Vice President Pence. And let us not forget Hillary Clinton’s infamous statement about “deplorables.” The hypocrisy and cruelty displayed by progressives is abhorrent and goes against the very values this country was founded upon. It is time for decency to prevail over divisive politics. Our nation deserves better than this kind of attack on families and our democratic process.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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