As Biden Chows Down on Ice Cream, Reporter CONFRONTS Him With the Question EVERYONE wants Answers to

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While eating an ice cream cone, Joe Biden boasted that our economy was “strong as hell”.

According to the Daily Wire, as he was out and about over the weekend, Biden explained he wasn’t so worried about the American economy as he was about global economies.

Biden made the comments despite the fact that the inflation rate alone for the sweet dairy treat he was eating is 13.6%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Inflating rates are on the rise across the country, and the Biden administration has consistently tried to downplay them. Inflation rates have plateaued or even begun to fall month-over-month, but year-over-year averages have hit record levels (over 8% consistently) not seen in four decades.

Biden’s administration is further disadvantaged by the fact that the 8% average is just that, an average. Americans have seen much higher inflation rates on items they need for living, feeding their families, and getting to and from work.

As we previously reported, several items have seen inflation rates much higher than the “average” 8%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ line-item breakdown of September’s inflation numbers.

There has been an estimated 42.9% increase in airline travel, a 33.1% rise in gas for heating homes and cooking, a 30.5% increase in eggs — partly due to avian influenza outbreaks and inflation — gasoline is still up 18.2%, chicken (related to AI outbreaks in part) is up 17.2%, coffee is up 15.7%, milk is up 15.2%, and bread is up 14.7%.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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