USSA: America Heading Into Socialism, And People Are Disgusted

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According to a recent poll, most Americans reject socialism, and the left is outraged. 

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After just two years of Democrats holding control of the White House, Americans are ready for a change, they don’t like the path President Joe Biden is pushing the country in. 

Town hall reports.  According to a Fox News poll, 54 percent of Americans believe the country is moving away from capitalism and toward socialism, and 60 percent think that such a move would be detrimental. 

Among voters, only 32 percent believe socialism is a good thing. These people probably have posters of Bernie Sanders on their walls, the same people who looted and destroyed buildings during the Democrat-fueled riots of 2020. 

While America is set to reject socialism, the left is still pushing for it. Thankfully, we have senators ready to kick their commie butts back out on the street where they belong. 

Next News Network reported. With all the progressive socialists on the ballot this year, a Republican Senator is ringing the alarm bell that  the future of America is at stake.

During an interview with an Alabama radio station, Alabama’s Senator Tommy Tuberville attempted to reframe the midterm fight, casting it as a fight not between Democrats and Republicans but rather between freedom and socialism.

Tuberville stated  “You just never know. Anything can happen in the next 48-49 days, Jeff. I’m just hoping people understand this is not Democrat-Republican. This is capitalism and freedom versus socialism. That’s exactly what it is.

“And again, I’m disappointed in a lot of my Democratic colleagues up here. They don’t believe this. The people they’re representing don’t believe this. But they’re voting with these far-left goofballs that want to bring our country to our knees.”

All the little socialists out there are crying in their soy milk soaked cheerios that America will not become a socalist nation while so many freedom loving Americans draw breath. Americans are fed up with socialism and its dangerous ideology, and it’s time for true patriots to rise up and reject it once and for all. This poll shows that most Americans abhor socialism, and yet the left continues to push for it. It’s time to send a red wave to Washington to stop socialism in its tracks. The triggered liberals can cry all they want about America never being a socialist nation, but true patriots will continue fighting for freedom. Let’s make sure to vote red and put an end to this socialist nonsense once and for all. It’s time for America to proudly proclaim: no socialism here!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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