SHE’S TERRIFIED! Hobbs COWERS In FEAR After Debate Demand Makes Her Hide Her Face in SHAME

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Yet another Democrat is refusing to debate their Republican opponent, but now even CNN is demanding answers as to why.

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Democrats know they screwed the pooch when it comes to bad policies and failing the American people. What they fear the most is being held publicly accountable for their words and actions. 

Townhall reports. It has become notorious for Democratic candidates to refuse to debate their Republican opponents or to dither in doing so. Just over three weeks before the November midterm elections, Katie Hobbs has been firmly in the former camp. She is running against Republican Kari Lake for governor of Arizona. Both candidates appeared on Sunday’s episode of CNN’s “State of the Union,” during which host Dana Bash even called Hobbs out for her refusal.


Later in the program Katie Hobbs was asked multiple times on her stances regarding abortion, yet again Hobbs cannot even formulate an opinion or pose a response to a basic Democrat talking point.


Katie Hobbs has to be one of the worst governor candidates in Arizona history as she will not allow herself to be publicly asked anything.

Next News Network reported. A sting team from Project Veritas confronted the Democratic candidate for Arizona governor in a video released Wednesday. Katie Hobbs fled when Project Veritas Action Press Secretary R.C. Maxwell approached her at a Phoenix restaurant. Hobbs said, “Oh, my God,” as if the presence of a camera in her face amounted to an existential crisis. Maxwell wanted to know why Hobbs was unwilling to discuss policy and governance – Project Veritas had previously recorded Hobbs saying she disliked public debate. Footage included in the video appears to reveal an AR-15-style rifle in a car used for Hobbs’ personal transportation, even though she wants a federal assault weapons ban.

Lets watch this incredible footage

It’s no surprise that Katie Hobbs is terrified to face off against her Republican opponent, Kari Lake, in a debate. Hobbs’ record does not hold up to Lake’s accomplishments as a business woman and true American. Hobbs knows she would be completely demolished in any sort of debate situation, so instead of stepping up to the plate like a true leader, she cowardly hides behind excuses and refusals. It’s pathetic and shameful. The people of Arizona deserve better than a coward like Hobbs in the governor’s seat. They deserve a strong leader like Kari Lake who isn’t afraid to face her opponents head on and defend her stance and record. Vote for someone who isn’t afraid to stand their ground and fight for what they believe in – vote Lake for Governor.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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