WARNOCK Embarrasses Himself, SHORT CIRCUITS, Reverting to Pandemic Talking Points Dems Love To Use

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 Raphael Warnock is pushed hard on why he should have a second term, gives the reporter the biggest cop-out ever.

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To be a professional politician it appears that you must have the ability to sidestep questions and ignore the most important ones. Who cares about accountability! You don’t need to be held accountable, because all that matters is winning. Warnock understands these very important steps in being a terrible politician, and he exercises his abilities well.

Gateway pundit reported. This inflation crisis is owned by Joe Biden and the Democrats in Congress. Since Joe Biden and the Democrat-controlled House and Senate spent trillions of dollars, inflation has soared.

In the red is inflation under Trump, and Blue is inflation under Biden. Kind of looks like other line graphs for Biden. If you know what I mean. It has literally taken off under Biden and Democrat supervision.

 A reporter ambushed Democrat Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock about inflation after he voted on Monday, leaving him speechless for a brief period of time.


Yet the reporters did not let him dodge the questions, and asked him another way. 


Good thing for America polling doesn’t appear to be favoring the dodging senator. 

Next news network reported. Herschel Walker has been climbing in the polls recently, and it is starting to appear that Georgia will have a Republican Senator once again.

In a new poll released by Emerson College, Trump-endorsed Republican Herschel Walker leads incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) by two points.

The Republicans’ chances of retaking the Senate in November are improved by Walker’s two-point lead 46 to 44 percent. 

It seems that Senator Warnock forgot one crucial fact: the pandemic is over, at least according to President Biden himself. Yet here is Warnock, still desperately clinging to this excuse for his failures and shortcomings. It’s as if he hasn’t realized that the American people are ready to move on from the pandemic and start rebuilding our economy. But instead of finding solutions and taking responsibility for his actions, Warnock is content with pointing fingers and shifting blame. It’s embarrassing and insulting, quite frankly. And it’s yet another reminder of why we need new leadership in Congress – leaders who aren’t afraid to face challenges head on and take ownership of their mistakes. I, for one, will definitely be voting for someone else in November. Enough is enough with politicians like Warnock. We deserve better.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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