Hollywood HORRIFIED when One of their Own Discovers the TRUTH about Destructive Liberal Policies

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An activist from the left, Susan Sarandon, shared a TikTok video of Oakland’s abandoned encampments and trash-filled streets on Twitter.

According to the Daily Wire, Neither a caption nor any context was added to the clip by the 76-year-old actress.

This video was originally posted by homelessness activist Thomas Wolf, who added in his original caption, “This isn’t a shanty town in India. This is Oakland, CA. The crisis of our generation.”

one person quote-tweeted Sarandon’s original post, “Dear Progressives: When you’ve lost Susan Sarandon…”

Meanwhile, those on the left were not thrilled with the actress’ post.

One Twitter user blamed the garbage and homeless on “capitalism.”

Another tweeted, “just so EVERYONE KNOWS this didn’t happen in the last two years!”

Another said, “Tell Republicans to stop shipping their homeless and actually take care of them.”

And another commented, “I will blame Airbnb, Wall Street real estate investors, the government for not creating rent price control, the Middle East war created by Republicans with Bush, lowering interest rates and creating a Vegas Casino economy.”

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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