BOOM! Watch Kari Lake SLAY CNN’s Dana Bash With Sword of Truth Right To Her Liberal Lying Face

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For this year’s midterm elections, former President Donald Trump picked some high-profile candidates. Particularly in Arizona, where the ever-MAGA Kari Lake and the “New Right” Blake Masters are taking on the left for the first time.

The Western Journal writes, Kari Lake recently ran over CNN’s Dana Bash in an interview, like an 18-wheeler trucker hitting a discarded McDonald’s bag on the highway.

As an example, Lake, faced with the usual “election denier” remarks, blasted Bash for not labeling Georgia’s Stacey Abrams an “election denier” despite Abrams’ past claims about her loss to Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in 2018.

When asked about accepting the results of the upcoming election, Lake made a good joke at Bash’s expense, saying she was going to win.

It was predictable that lefties would be outraged by that comment, as they showed it on Twitter.

For example, Manu Raju, CNN’s Chief Congressional Correspondent, said “‘I’m going to win the election and accept the result,” Kari Lake, Arizona governor candidate, says on @CNNSotu to @DanaBashCNN, refusing to say if she would accept the results if she loses“.

But some admitted the truth, noting that Lake ran Dana Bash right over.

One such honest commenter said “@DanaBashCNN was not prepared for that interview and allowed Lake to run all over her and answer questions with non-answers. Terrible job, Dana. Do better.”

A new poll from The Trafalgar Group found that Kari Lake has edged ahead of Katie Hobbs by 2.8 points, inside theof the poll’s 2.9-point margin of error. Nearly 4.5 percent of voters were undecided. Hobbs had been ahead of Lake in polls since September.

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