WHOOPS! This White House Tweet Shows EXACT OPPOSITE Of What Joe’s Been Saying About Gas Prices

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In this report, we highlight a tweet from the White House that shows the exact opposite of what Biden claims. The charts don’t lie and Biden is clearly full of crap and his own White house just proved it.

Daily caller reports. Joe Biden said Wednesday that the relationship between oil prices and gasoline prices is not reflected at the pump; however, the White House’s official Twitter account sent out a tweet on Wednesday showing the opposite. Wednesday, Biden announced measures to bring down gas prices, saying that oil prices didn’t reflect prices at the pump because of oil companies’ greed. However, an hour before the president’s remarks the White House tweeted a graphic that showed that when oil prices fall, gasoline prices fall.

Biden Tweeted “When the cost of oil comes down, we should see the price at the gas station — at the pump come down as well,” Biden said. “But that’s not what’s happening.”

But in that image Joe that is exactly what is happening. Maybe the interns didn’t have enough time to make up a fake chart to show America.

An economist gave a stark message to the Biden administration on how to lower the prices at the pump.

Next news Network reported. As an economist told Fox Business host Neil Cavuto during an October appearance, President Joe Biden must “allow energy producers to do what they do,” otherwise things will only get worse.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Ian, Biden threatened oil companies with a federal investigation if they engaged in “price gouging.” AAA reports that gas prices have increased by 99 cents since September 2021. Many experts believe Biden’s opposition to fossil fuel production has contributed to the increase in energy prices. A permit for the Keystone XL pipeline was revoked by the Biden administration in January 2021, an offshore lease sale was canceled in May, and a court ban on oil and gas lease sales was upheld in June.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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