TOP DEMOCRAT Calls Out Biden For Major Failed Policy

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Things are bad for the Biden administration as people from his own party are calling him out for the failed policies that are costing American lives.

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Across America Americans are waking up to the blatant lies, and misrepresentations being put out by the Biden administration. It is common knowledge now to almost everyone that the Administration is not above changing literary definitions so they appear to be correct on certain topics. But now as the crisis on the southern border deepens, Biden’s own fellow democrats are beginning to wisen up.

Daily wire reports. As a result of the latest Department of Homeland Security (DHS) numbers on the border crisis, Democratic Representative Henry Cuellar, whose district is on the U.S.-Mexico border, acknowledged that the border is not secure under the current Democratic administration.


On Friday night, DHS released the September numbers. In September, DHS encountered the highest number of illegal aliens (227,547) ever.

There were 2,378,944 illegal alien encounters at the southern border in fiscal year 2022, more known or suspected terrorists arrested (98) than in the previous five years combined (26), and more migrants died at the southern border (856) than in any other year.

This year massive amounts of Democrats have flipped to the Republican party as the border crisis worsens.

Next news network reported. In 2014, the percentage of registered voters casting ballots in the Republican primary in Terrell County was 12%. By 2022, that percentage had more than doubled — with 31% of the county’s registered voters casting ballots in the GOP primary compared to 10% in the Democratic primary. It was the first time in at least eight years that Republicans voting in the Terrell County primary outnumbered Democrats.

The shift in allegiance is being replicated on the Texas-Mexico border and is encouraging for Republicans who are campaigning on border security. Democrats who have long held sway in South Texas and border communities are also concerned. Despite claims from the White House that the border is secure and closed, Immigrants themselves are saying the exact opposite. 


All the Biden administration can do is lie. They have nothing positive to stand on when it comes to the massive amounts of illegals crossing the border. They have nothing positive to stand on when it comes to their lies and deceptions of the American people. Biden cannot even claim that the economy is going well as prices for everyday goods skyrocket. It should come as no surprise that the smart Democrats are running away from his failure as a leader.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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