Internet Set on FIRE when Joe Biden Makes RACIST Comment Just DAYS Before Voters Head to the Polls

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Apparently airline seats with more legroom are racist. That’s the latest coming out of this clown show administration. I’ve got all the details so make sure your seat backs are up and your tray tables are stowed because we’re about to hit some turbulence.

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Biden suggested on Wednesday that airlines are engaging in racial discrimination by charging a premium for seats with more legroom, saying those fees are most detrimental to “people of color.”

The Daily Wire writes, As he spoke, the president referred to what he called “junk fees” – from concert ticket processing fees to hotel and resort additional booking fees, to airline fees to guarantee a seat with a little more space between it and the seat in front of it. According to him, those fees disproportionately affected those with lower income levels as well as people of color.”

Deputy Managing Editor of Red State Kira Davis criticized what she said was the Democrats’ new strategy.

She wrote, “Tell me the last thing you did … and add ‘people of color hardest hit.’ That seems to be the Democrat strategy these days … just tack on ‘people of color’ to any old statement. I just made a sandwich. #PeopleOfColorHardestHit.”

“Airline ticketing is now ‘racist.’ Easy for a dude to say who flies an Air Force 747-200 to Delaware every weekend. Has there ever been a more tone deaf president?” Red State’s Buzz Patterson added.

“Is Biden saying people of color are all poor??” @HodgeTwins asked. “Never knew seats on an airplane were racist.”

National Review’s Jim Geraghty added, “Less than 2 weeks until the midterm elections, and the president of the United States is in Washington, talking about the amount of legroom on airlines.”

Another Twitter user added, “You know what else impacts People of every ethnicity and gender before Junk Fees? Inflation, Crime, Open Border 4M illegals 1M getaways, Illegal drug pouring into the country, High food prices, High gas Prices, Failed education.”

It’s almost comical watching Biden stumble his way through this administration, digging himself deeper and deeper into the racist hole with each passing day. First, it was “you ain’t black” if you don’t vote for me, and now it’s airline seat discrimination? Come on, Biden. Do better. These flimsy attempts at identifying racism only serve to dilute its true meaning. Everything can’t be racist, otherwise nothing is. Biden needs to take some time to actually educate himself on systemic racism and stop relying on shallow sound bites written by his staffers. It’s obvious that Biden’s rhetoric and actions are those of a racist – but hey, at least we finally have a leader who proudly represents the clown show administration he works for. Bravo, Biden. Keep up the comedic disaster you call a campaign. 

Or maybe just resign already. We’re tired of watching this Clown-in-Chief embarrass himself and our country every day. It’s time for real change – not more of the same from Biden and his racist ideology. Enough is enough. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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