WATCH KJP Crash and BURN While Reacting to Fetterman’s Trainwreck Debate Against Dr. Oz

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Joe Biden’s Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, was absolutely reeling after John Fetterman’s debate performance Tuesday night against Dr. Mehmet Oz. You’d think that she would have given her answer to the much-anticipated question a little bit more thought, but it’s completely obvious that she just winged it.  

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Karine Jean-Pierre-the White House press secretary-danced around concerns raised by the performance of Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (D-PA) during his Tuesday night debate against Dr. Mehmet Oz (R-PA).

The Washington Examiner reports, During Tuesday’s event, Fetterman, who suffered a stroke in May, used closed captioning and even acknowledged his ongoing recovery.

When Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters at the White House press briefing on Wednesday, she said that she had not been able to ask President Joe Biden if he had watched the debate. However, she reiterated that he looks forward to working with the lieutenant governor “when he is in the Senate” to reduce family costs.

Even so, Fetterman struggled throughout Tuesday night, and reporters repeatedly asked Jean-Pierre whether Biden was concerned.

As we covered in a detailed report earlier this week, Fetterman was an absolute trainwreck during the debate. 

Here’s a compilation of just some of his worst moments, courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon.

Karine Jean-Pierre’s response to John Fetterman’s disastrous debate performance only further proves that the Biden administration is in denial about their candidate’s weakness. Fetterman, with his current health issues, has no place in politics and his lack of preparedness only confirms it. Yet KJP fails to address these concerns, instead choosing to deflect and defend the indefensible. It’s clear that the White House is dealing in more lies and deception, just like they did with Biden. And let’s not forget that Fetterman is a reflection of Biden himself – they both lack the capability to effectively represent our nation. It’s time for change – KJP, Fetterman, and Biden must go.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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