SHOTS FIRED! Trump Takes Direct Aim At DeSantis With Video That’ll Make Him Think Twice About 2024

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As speculation mounts that the pair will be the leading contenders for the Republican nomination in 2024, President Donald Trump took aim at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on his Truth Social platform.

Business Insider reports, In his post, Trump shared a clip of podcaster Megyn Kelly being interviewed by BlazeTV host Dave Rubin about a potential Trump-DeSantis fight.

“The only way DeSantis is going to become the Republican nominee is if Trump chooses not to run and endorses him or dies,” Kelly says in the clip, saying that hardcore MAGA supporters would never abandon Trump.

“I AGREE” Trump wrote, sharing the clip.

At this point, it is unknown whether either of them will run for president, but they are building alliances ahead of their anticipated rivalry in 2024.

Recent polling from Florida Atlantic University sized up head to head contests between President Joe Biden against both Trump and DeSantis.

In the pool of potential 2024 candidates, Biden lost to both, but DeSantis beat Trump more easily.

DeSantis received 48% of the vote, while Biden received 42%. In addition, 5% of voters were undecided, and 3% wanted another option.

Trump scored just 45%, four points more than Biden, who scored 41%. In addition, 11% of voters wanted another choice, and 3% were undecided.

The 2020 election hasn’t even ended, and already the 2024 presidential race is heating up. In a recent move, President Trump took direct aim at Florida governor Ron DeSantis by sharing a video warning him not to challenge him. While recent polling shows DeSantis emerging as a strong contender in the 2024 primaries, Trump’s attack serves as just a preview of the nasty fight ahead. This could get ugly. With both men vying for the title, anything is possible. And let’s not forget, presidential primaries can often be brutal and cutthroat battles. Only time will tell how this drama plays out, but one thing’s for sure: the next election cycle is already shaping up to be an interesting one.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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