“Who the hell do they think they are?” Biden ERUPTS on Defiant Governors As If He Was King

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Joe Biden is on a rampage and no one is safe. He’s attacking governors who oppose his unconstitutional edicts as if he were a lofty tyrant king.

The Western Journal reports, President Biden is going full monarch in an attempt to stem midterm losses.

The former vice president took to Twitter on Tuesday to lash out at Republicans who have opposed his flatly unconstitutional plan to saddle taxpayers with debts they never asked for.

In addition, he sounded more like the heir to an empire than the leader of a nation born from the defeat of the British Empire.

By simply making everyone else repay the loan, Biden was responding to a letter signed by 23 Republican governors in September who objected to his plan to “forgive” student loans by $10,000 or $20,000 per recipient. It was originally signed by 22 governors, but Virginia’s Glenn Youngkin arrived late.

It was also a dig at Sen. Ted Cruz, who blasted the idea in an August podcast as a blatant vote-buying scheme aimed at overeducated, underachieving wastrels.

“Who the hell do they think they are?” the president of the United States asked about the elected executives of 23 states of the union.

While speaking at Delaware State University, Biden also specifically criticized Ted Cruz and Marjorie Taylor Greene who have opposed his student loan forgiveness plan but who reportedly received small business loans during the pandemic.

While Biden pretends to be a tough guy, what he’s actually doing is pandering shamelessly for votes as the midterms approach – midterms that look worse and worse for the Democrats currently in control.

It’s absolutely disgusting that Joe Biden thinks he can act like a king and just issue edicts left and right without any regard for the Constitution. His push for student loan bailouts, which directly contradict the 10th Amendment, is just another example of his willingness to trample on our basic rights as Americans. And to attack governors who are defending their states’ sovereignty? It’s impeachable behavior, plain and simple. Biden needs to be held accountable for his actions – but unfortunately, it looks like most Democrats are too spineless to stand up against him. We need leaders who respect and uphold the Constitution, not ones who think they can play king. Enough is enough. Impeach Biden now.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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