BUSTED! Biden caught stretching the truth so bad even Twitter Flagged it!

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How are Americans supposed to have faith in our government when all our leaders seem to be constantly stretching the truth? Even TWITTER had to step in and had to add the missing context. 

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Joe Biden’s latest boast about his signature legislation – the Inflation Reduction Act – was so far-fetched that even Twitter flagged the claim, suggesting that followers be informed of additional context.

Daily wire reports. With just over a week to go until the midterm elections, Biden has made a handful of campaign stops for Democratic candidates around the country — and he has used social media as a means to either attack Republicans as “ultra-MAGA extremists” or to trumpet his own accomplishments in order to rally his own party to victory. Twitter flagged Biden’s Friday tweet for crossing a line after he attempted to do just that. 

Biden tweeted “Let me give you the facts,” Biden tweeted. “In 2020, 55 corporations made $40 billion. And they paid zero in federal taxes. My Inflation Reduction Act puts an end to this.”

Twitter fact checkers had to flag that tweet, as needing more context. The flag, which appeared immediately below the president’s tweet on the platform, included context added by readers because “they thought people might want to know.”

This was not the first time Biden was caught lying about something. 

Western Journal reports. During a panel discussion with digital media company NowThis, which aired on Sunday, Biden seemingly forgot that his student loan debt bailout had been achieved via executive order. He told the group the measure had been passed by Congress. This is concerning, to say the least. Does he really think Congress passed the student debt bailout? Does he not remember signing the executive order?

Let’s watch.

The Democrats want us to believe that President Biden is some sort of savior for passing the Inflation Reduction Act, but his latest boasting about it was so clearly exaggerated that even Twitter had to flag it. And this isn’t the only time Biden has stretched the truth or outright lied in order to promote his agenda. This kind of dishonesty and deception is particularly alarming coming from the leader of our country. 

But what’s even more concerning is how much the democrats divide and defeat their opponents instead of working together for the good of all Americans. Just look at how they handled the riots and violence, when democrats refused to condemn the destruction and instead blamed law enforcement for trying to maintain peace and protect property. And let’s not forget about all the corruption in their party, from members like AOC supporting budget-busting policies to politicians lining their own pockets with tax dollars. It’s clear that democrats care more about gaining power than serving their constituents – and that should terrify every American voter heading into these midterm elections.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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