Fetterman TROLLED into Oblivion When Dr. Oz Shows Up With Mobile Billboard

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In this video, you will see Dr. Oz take trolling to a whole new level by airing a loop of his debate with Fetterman outside an event with Joe Biden. And it was beautiful!

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When you see Dr. Oz air a video loop of his debate with Fetterman outside the event where Biden was desperately trying to win voters in Pennsylvania, you’ll see trolling at its finest.

Townhall reports. Fetterman held a Democratic fundraiser with President Joe Biden at the last minute to regain the trust of Democratic voters. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Fetterman’s Republican opponent, was not going to let voters forget Fetterman’s shaky debate performance. 

As Oz parked a mobile billboard outside the event, he pointed out Fetterman’s stumbling and poor performance from the night. During a segment on Fox News with Bryan Llenas, the billboard passed by playing the debate on loop as Biden did his best to assure Pennsylvania voters Fetterman is capable of doing the job. 


This came after KJP was in full panic mode attempting to defend Fetterman’s poor debate performance. 

Next news network reported. When Jean-Pierre spoke to reporters at the White House press briefing on Wednesday, she said that she had not been able to ask President Joe Biden if he had watched the debate. However, she reiterated that he looks forward to working with the lieutenant governor “when he is in the Senate” to reduce family costs. Even so, Fetterman struggled throughout Tuesday night, and reporters repeatedly asked Jean-Pierre whether Biden was concerned.

Watch her scramble.

Dr. Oz just won the greatest trolling game of all time by airing a loop of his debate with Fetterman outside the event where Joe Biden showed up to support him. Can you imagine being Fetterman, scrambling to gain back Democratic trust after your public breakdown, only to have Dr. Oz show up with a mobile billboard reminding everyone of that humiliating moment? It’s clear that Fetterman is unfit to serve and voters will definitely be thinking twice before casting their ballots. And let’s not forget about Biden, who is endorsing a man who recently had a stroke and clearly isn’t in good health to hold such an important position. It’s almost as if the blind is leading the blind. Dr. Oz for Senate 2022 – let’s make it happen and ride the red wave all the way to victory!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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