‘May the Force be With Tshibaka’: 20,000 Lightsabers Ignite as Jedi GOP Go To War Against Murkowski

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A political action committee supporting Trump-endorsed Alaska congressional candidates has begun distributing campaign paraphernalia featuring the name of Kelly Tshibaka, a candidate for the Alaska Senate.

Anchorage Daily News writes, Tshibaka’s campaign against Republican incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski is being supported by the Patriot Freedom PAC, a former fundraiser for President Donald Trump. In addition, they support Sarah Palin, the former vice presidential candidate who is running for the U.S. House of Representatives.

According to a press release by Patriot Freedom PAC, the group completed their Get-Out-The-Vote mobilization in Alaska in support of Tshibaka by distributing roughly 20,000 saber swords in under 48 hours.

Michel Alfaro, head of the effort, even traveled by Dog Sled through the rough Alaskan Terrain to deliver the light sabers to Tshibaka supporters.

The PAC has rallied volunteers to distribute campaign literature, and pallets of 20,000 lightsabers branded with Kelly Tshibaka’s name; a convenient play on words of the Star Wars character, ‘Chewbacca.’ The Tshibaka family embraces the name, and In fact, Kelly Tshibaka’s first son’s name is ‘Jedi.’

Patriot Freedom PAC spent roughly $45,000 designing and producing 20,000 saber swords branded with ‘Vote for Kelly Tshibaka.’

On October 26, Patriot Freedom PAC distributed roughly 8,000 saber swords branded with Kelly Tshibaka’s name to volunteers and supporters. On Thursday, October 27, the group completed delivery of the remaining saber swords.

May the Force be with Kelly Tshibaka! The Republican Party has found a new rising star, and her name is Kelly Tshibaka. With support from the Patriot Freedom PAC and now 20,000 Alaskans armed with custom lightsabers, it’s clear that they are ready to slay the RINOs in the Senate – starting with incumbent Lisa Murkowski. The campaign against Murkowski has already sparked excitement and enthusiasm among GOP supporters, driving them to come together in a show of unity for their chosen candidate. This battle against one of the most notorious RINOs in Congress promises to be epic – especially with over 20,000 lightsabers lighting up for Tshibaka’s cause. May she prevail in her fight to bring true conservative values back to Washington. May the Force be with Tshibaka! – ALWAYS.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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