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You won’t believe what this ballsy Texas business owner posted outside of his shop!

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Business owners are getting fed up with the current generation of kids who have no work ethic, or apparently common sense. 

The Western Journal reports. The owner of a Texas business is getting reactions for saying the quiet part out loud when searching for employees.

KHOU reports that Walter Parsons posted a sign reading “Now hiring non-stupid people,” after a frustrating revolving door of hires failed to work out at Pets Gone Wild Resort in Pasadena, Texas.

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With inflation at an alltime high, business owners are continuously having problems hiring and keeping steady employees.

FEE reports.  A record number of job openings are reported by small businesses.

According to a recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Business, we are seeing signs of a labor shortage, as the number of unfilled positions continues to rise in a post virus world.

Economist and former Harvard President, as well as a former Obama administration advisor Lawrence Summers stated “The difficulty of finding labor is at record levels in small business. In terms of job vacancies, which are at near record levels,”

In the interview the former Harvard President was asked if the government “went too far” with its latest relief package, which included supplemental unemployment benefits, which in many cases resulted in Americans receiving more income from not working, the former Harvard president Summers didn’t hesitate to answer.

Summers responded immediately with “Yes. People will stay on the sidelines if we pay them more for not working than they got for working.”

Lawrence continued to describe the move by the Biden administration as “misdesigned” and potentially harmful to the economy.

It’s not just anecdotal evidence – small businesses across the country are struggling to fill job openings at a record rate. And yet, despite this clear indication of a labor shortage, the government continues to incentivize unemployment with generous relief packages and supplemental benefits. How do they expect people to go back to work when they’re comfortably receiving more income by staying home? Blaming “lack of skilled workers” or claiming a still-recovering economy isn’t an acceptable excuse anymore. It’s time for the government to stop enabling and start encouraging folks to rejoin the workforce. Otherwise, we’ll continue to see record job vacancies and our economy won’t fully bounce back. It’s simple supply and demand – and right now, we have plenty of demand but not enough supply in the labor market. Wake up, Washington. It’s time to get Americans back on the job.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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