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 Again, Democrats fail to sway voters despite a strategic plan. 

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The Democratic Party should have spent more time campaigning about other issues rather than just depending on suburban women to win elections. 

Western Journal reports. Thursday, Lara Trump said Democrats’ fixation on abortion as the only issue of interest to women will cost them at the polls.

Fox News contributor and wife of Eric Trump was responding to a Wall Street Journal report that the GOP now has a 15-point advantage among white suburban women. It represents a 27-point swing from the Journal’s August poll.

The Democratic Party spent heavily on ads addressing abortion in an attempt to sway women voters. In September, the Associated Press reported that Democrats spent more than $124 million on abortion-related television ads.

Lara Trump stated “ The Democrats did here what they always do, Instead of looking at people as individuals with their own minds, who make different decisions about people they’re voting for based on a whole host of issues, they lump everyone here as ‘white suburban women’ into one voting bloc and said they all care about one thing and one thing only – abortion”

There has been no shortage of criticism directed at the Democratic party regarding its DISGUSTING viewpoints and campaigning tactics in the past. 

Daily caller writes. In the run-up to next week’s midterm elections, governor Gretchen Whitmer wants voters to save abortion in order to save the economy. As reported by Daily Caller, the embattled governor believes Democrats shouldn’t choose between abortion and the economy. The two issues are inextricably linked, according to her. 

According to Whitmer, Michigan could attract workers from neighboring states that limit abortion access if it protects abortion access. If the tide turns the other way, she predicts a mass exodus of workers from Michigan.

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It’s absolutely ridiculous that the Democratic party seems to believe that their only chance at winning elections is to obsess over abortion. Women are not a monolith, and woman care about far more than just reproductive rights. The fact that Democrats have chosen to put all their eggs in the abortion basket is both insulting and short-sighted. As Lara Trump pointed out, this fixation on abortion has backfired for them, especially among suburban women. Instead of talking about protecting our economy or creating jobs, Democrats like Governor Whitmer allow themselves to be distracted by divisive social issues. It’s time for the Democratic party to stop treating women as single-issue voters and start focusing on what actually matters to women as individuals, families, and members of society. Their fixation on abortion is a losing strategy, and it’s about time they realized it.

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