Top Dem STUNS EVERYONE When He Tells Broke Americans What To Eat To Survive the Demopocalypse

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One controversial sentiment expressed this weekend by the head of the Democrat caucus’ campaign arm, can sum up the entire 2022 midterm election cycle.

FOX reports, in a discussion about inflation, New York Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney, a Democrat representing Putnam County, made waves when he suggested families eat Chef Boyardee canned pasta.

Maloney is in a tough election battle to retain his seat with Republican challenger Mike Lawler, who accused Maloney of being “hopelessly out of touch with Hudson Valley families struggling to put food on the table.”

“I have a better idea — let’s Fire Sean Maloney and reduce inflation so that New Yorkers can afford to live here and eat what they want,” Lawler tweeted.

Afterwards, a Maloney campaign spokesperson complained that his Chef Boyardee comment had been misconstrued.

“It’s shameful that Lawler and Republicans are making light of the struggles families face with making ends meet. Unlike Lawler who is profiting off his own campaign and made bank lobbying for big oil companies, Rep. Maloney understands what families are dealing with,” said Maloney campaign spokeswoman Mia Ehrenberg.

Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney’s suggestion that families eat Chef Boyardee canned pasta in order to save money is a disgrace. Clearly, the congressman does not understand how difficult it is for families to make ends meet. Inflation is a serious problem, and the last thing families need is more jokes from politicians. The fact is, Democrats have no plan to solve the problem of inflation. All they want to do is raise taxes and make life difficult for hardworking Americans. Republicans, on the other hand, are committed to making America great again. Republicans will make sure that Americans have the opportunity to succeed. They will lower taxes and create jobs. They will put America first. Vote Republican today and in 2024 to order to save American and make it great again.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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