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Biden throws a TEMPER TANTRUM during a medical emergency. 

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Despite the obvious need for assistance, it’s no surprise that President Biden seems unconcerned with the needs of those in the crowd. Kind of how he feels like the rest of us American’s.  

According to We Love Trump.  At a recent Biden rally a medical emergency made the President appear to get irritated. Well maybe “Rally” is too ambitious, as we never see the actual crowd sizes.

As a medical emergency occurs, this poor excuse of a President boils over with anger and disdain. Watch here

Unlike our feckless  President’s crowd draw, there are thousands who constantly show face for former President Trump’s rallies. A man that actually cares for his people. reports, In Wyoming, America’s 45th President Donald Trump took the stage at his rally to oppose Rep. Liz Cheney in her reelection. Trump endorsed Harriet Hageman in the primary for Wyoming’s single Congressional seat and used the rally to round up support for her.

Director of programming at RSBNetwork posted a picture on his twitter claiming Trump’s rally was the, “Largest crowd in Wyoming history.”

An announcer at the event also said that Trump had the biggest crowd in state history.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” the event announcer exclaimed as Trump came to the stage, “we are pleased to announce, this is the biggest crowd in Wyoming history! And with that, I ask you to please welcome the 45th President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump!”

Dan Scavino Jr. posted on his twitter footage of the crowd size as Trump was taking the stage. 

On Sunday, Trump reacted to the reports on TRUTH Social, saying, “Incredible ENERGY last night in Wyoming. Just announced, the biggest event (number of people) in State history. How cool is that???”

The fake news media is trying to spin Biden’s “rally” as some huge success, but any right-thinking individual can see through their lies. The so-called “crowd” was just a bunch of circles scattered across the stage, and eight of them even belonged to his own family members! Meanwhile, President Trump’s rallies are always packed with thousands of enthusiastic supporters who actually care about this country and its future. And while Biden was throwing a temper tantrum as a medical emergency occurred during his pitiful excuse for a rally, President Trump was calmly and confidently addressing the people in Wyoming and endorsing a true patriot for Congress. It’s clear who the real leader is – and it’s not the weak, corrupt liberals like Biden who only care about pushing their evil agenda. We need to stand strong against the fake news and resist these liberal lunatics before they destroy our country.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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