Ted Cruz Drops NUKE On Biden Egg Salad Brain

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Ted Cruz rips Biden’s mental state as America continues to slide into oblivion.

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Ted Cruz is spot on when he gives his opinion on the sad state of affairs in America, and Joe Biden’s declining mental health.

Red state reports. Every day, Joe Biden says or does something bizarre that demonstrates his continued decline in mental acuity, which appears to be much worse than during the 2020 presidential campaign, just two years ago. It is evident that the president of the United States is not capable of performing his duties properly, from shaking hands with the air to wandering off stage. 

During a Friday night speech in San Antonio, Ted Cruz went there when calling out Biden. Let’s Watch

Ted Cruz has no issue going there as he recently took a swing at the economy and Hunter Biden.

Western Journal reported.  The Texas Republican senator toured the campaign trail for New Mexico GOP congresswoman Yvette Herrell on Monday night, according to the Las Cruces Sun News. As he spoke at the New Mexico Farm and Ranch Heritage Museum, his audience was clearly energized and excited.

He attacked Hunter Biden, a Democratic Representative from California, with wicked humor. An elegant zinger that emphasized just how bad inflation is under President Joe Biden was delivered by Eric Swalwell and the thugs who make up the ranks of the unofficial domestic terrorist organization known as Antifa.

Watch this hilarious video

Joe Biden’s decline in mental acuity is extremely concerning, especially given his position as the leader of the United States. It’s clear that he is struggling to perform even basic tasks, and his recent behavior has been increasingly erratic. This is having a serious impact on the country, as inflation skyrockets and the economy continues to tank. What’s even more worrying is that Biden seems incapable of adequately addressing the crisis at the border. The situation is rapidly spiraling out of control, and it’s clear that America is in serious trouble. Thankfully, there are still some people in Congress who are fighting to get help for our country. We can only hope that they are successful in their efforts. Otherwise, America may be facing an incredibly bleak future.

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