THIS Virtual Reality Headset Could KILL You If You Die In Game!

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The game you are about to play could quite literally put your life at risk.

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With the advancement of technology over the past few decades, a game that could literally put your life on the line has been developed for the first time ever. 

Vice reports. 

The VR headset designed by Palmer Luckey, the father of modern virtual reality, kills users who die in virtual reality games. He did this in honor of Sword Art Online. Luckey sold Oculus to Facebook for 2 billion dollars in 2014. As a result of this technology, Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Meta as Facebook. 

Above the screen, there are three explosive modules attached to the headset, which looks like a Meta Quest Pro. The user’s head would be obliterated and his forebrain damaged if the charges went off.

In a “different project,” Luckey usually uses three explosive charges. His company Anduril, which has won massive government contracts, is also developing loitering munitions, anti-drone technology, and underwater drones, which are already in use by the U.S. military.

Other instances have hinted at the use of technology in war. 

According to “The Drive”, A Chinese drone carrying a ‘robot dog’ that is armed with a machine gun has been making its way around social media, and it looks like something ouit of the Terminator films. While it is not clear whether the clip was recorded as part of a Chinese military exercise or merely as a demonstration of how the pairing will work, it can serve as a foreshadowing of the technology that may be deployed on future battlefields even without that context.


Palmer Luckey’s VR headset is a completely deplorable creation that shows the horrifying potential of technology in the wrong hands. It’s despicable that a man who made billions off virtual reality would choose to use his talents for such twisted purposes, citing a popular anime as his inspiration. And it’s even worse that a company like Facebook was willing to support this kind of dangerous invention, only adding to their long track record of unethical and irresponsible actions. This type of weaponization of technology is exactly why we need strict regulations and oversight in the industry. The concept of killing someone within a virtual world may seem far removed from physical reality, but the devastating impact on the victim and their loved ones would obviously be very real. Let us not forget that behind every advancement in technology is a human life with feelings, emotions, and families that will be irreparably hurt by this kind of reckless disregard for basic human decency. Luckey and anyone involved in the development and sale of this cruel device must be held accountable for their actions. Anything less is unacceptable.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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