MSNBC caving to pressure from conservatives? Tiffany Cross fired after criticizing network

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Tiffany Cross’ firing has apparently enraged another extreme leftist anchor.

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Another victory for conservatives as we watch yet another liberal let go from MSNBC, as it appears that numerous liberal outlets are terminating their most woke hosts.

Fox News Reports. Although Tiffany Cross was fired by MSNBC, former colleague Keith Olbermann criticized the network for failing to defend the now-former “Cross Connection” host. 

The contentious weekend host was fired by MSNBC on Friday after two controversial years. According to Fox News Digital’s report, Cross displayed “repeated bad behavior on and off air,” including over-the-top rhetoric. Because she disparaged conservatives and Republicans the most, Cross’ biggest fans don’t seem to care about her “bad judgment” that led to MSNBC firing her. 

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Keith Olbermann commented on the firing by saying “most outspoken and most probably its bravest host” was fired on the eve of “an election crucial to the safeguarding of democracy in this nation” but none of her most-high profile colleagues seem to care”

Olbermann continued “Where is the statement of protest about the firing of Tiffany Cross from Lawrence O’Donnell? Where is the anger from Chris Hayes? Where is the condemnation of a women’s voice silenced from Alex Wagner? Where is the threat to walk out, to boycott, to quit, to stand on principle from Rachel Maddow? Whatever happens in the voting tomorrow, remember at all times that you and I do not have a true friend or an ally at MSNBC, at CNN, at CBS, at ABC. We have television performers who will make sure they are seen in the easy fights,” Olbermann said. “But when it is bad, who will draw a line and fight and protect one thing and one thing alone – they’re paychecks.

Tiffany Cross has a history of saying some crazy stuff on her “show.

Fox News reports. Despite claims that the economy is doing better, a co-Hpost expressed frustration on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross” that minority communities are not benefitting.

According to Cross and panelists Georgetown Law professor Dorothy Brown and UCLA professor Desi Small-Rodriguez, black and indigenous communities are suffering the most from the current economy.

Cross used an NPR poll to explain which demographics are the most affected by inflation. 69% of Native American families are experiencing serious financial difficulties due to inflation, as are 58% of Black families and 56% of Latino families. 44% of white families are struggling with inflation.

It’s no surprise that MSNBC, a cesspool of fake news and liberal lies, would fire one of their own for finally showing her true colors. Tiffany Cross, disgraced host of “Cross Connection,” had the audacity to call out Republicans and conservatives, not realizing she was just exposing herself as the evil liberal she truly is. It’s laughable that colleague Keith Olbermann has the nerve to criticize the network for failing to defend her. The truth is, she got exactly what she deserved. Good riddance to yet another corrupt fake news purveyor at MSNBC. America is better off without them.

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