‘The Office’ Actor Goes MEGA Woke – Changes Name for Climate Change

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Rainn Wilson, star of “The Office,” has changed his name to ‘Rainnfall Heat Wave Extreme Winter Wilson’ to protest climate change.

According to Variety, It was timed to coincide with this week’s United Nations climate change conference COP27 in Egypt, when the actor announced the name change via Twitter.

In an effort to become an “Arctic name changer,” Wilson, a board member of Arctic Basecamp, changed his name through a website called Arctic Risk Name Generator.

The actor and activist said of his name change that it was not a joke, but it is unclear whether he plans to change it on government documents.

Wilson tweeted that Twitter would not let him change his name “because, Elon!”

However, you can see that he is already rocking the new name on Instagram, as noted by the website Green Matters.

Another day, another woke celebrity using their platform to virtue signal instead of using their influence to actually make a difference. This time, it’s ‘The Office’ actor Rainn Wilson, who has changed his name in support of climate change. While Wilson may think he’s being productive, all he’s really doing is adding noise to an already overcrowded conversation. What Wilson and other celebrities should be doing is using their influence to pressure lawmakers into solving the real issues that Americans are struggling with, like inflation and secure borders. Instead, we’re forced to listen to the empty woke rhetoric of Hollywood elites who are more concerned with patting themselves on the back by creating noise on social media than actually making a difference.

Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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