Adam Kinzinger MOCKED When Caught Crying Over Jealousy Of Ron Desantis

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Adam Kinzinger is out crying and whining again over his jealousy of Ron Desantis as he lambasts the Florida victory. 

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It is more likely that Adam Kinzinger is a Democrat than a Republican. At best, he is a RINO. However, he is now attacking Ron Desantis as he struggles to maintain relevance.

Fox News writes. Several Twitter users mocked Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger after he said Wednesday that Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., was not his party’s future.

As part of CNN’s midterm election coverage, Kinzinger spoke with anchor Anderson Cooper about the results. DeSantis’ landslide victory in Florida and its implications for conservatives were notable topics of discussion.

Let’s Watch

Twitter Users took some aim at Kinzingers Statements.

Tom Elliot tweeted. “Good indicator for DeSantis: @RepKinzinger says he’s not the future of the Republican Party.”

Jim Geraghty a blue check tweeted “Mmm, indeed, Ron DeSantis won almost no votes outside of the state of Florida last night. Cunning insight, right there.”

Kinzinger has spent his time over the last few months endorsing Democrats.

Axios reported. Soon to be former Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger, a fierce critic of former President Trump and election deniers within his party, announced Tuesday he would support both Democratic and Republican candidates in upcoming state elections.

Kinzinger endorsed four Democratic secretary of state candidates: Steve Simon of Minnesota, Jocelyn Benson of Michigan, Adrian Fontes of Arizona and Cisco Aguilar of Nevada

Adam Kinzinger is a fraud. He’s been a Never Trumper since 2016, and he’s trying to take down one of the best governors in the country. Ron DeSantis is a true patriot who believes in freedom and limited government. He’s exactly the kind of leader the Republican Party needs right now. 

Adam Kinzinger is nothing but a RINO. He’s more concerned with appeasing the left-wing media than he is with representing the people who voted for him. He’s a disgrace to the party, and we cannot wait for him to be gone. 

The future of the Republican Party is freedom-loving conservatives like Ron DeSantis. We need more leaders like him who are willing to stand up for what’s right, even when it’s not popular. We need patriots like Ron DeSantis who are unafraid to defend our values and our way of life. That’s what will keep our country strong, and that’s what will win elections.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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