HOLD THE LINE: Jim Banks And The Rescue Of America

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All hope is not lost when it comes to blocking a Biden agenda, and there are some in congress who are raising the battle cry to get the job done for the American people.  

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Since the stunning and confusing defeats in the midterms there are a ton of questions as to what actually happened. Yet while others are working on finding answers, Jim Banks is beginning to rally the congressional troops to begin the process of fighting Biden tooth and nail. 

Daily wire reports. After disappointing midterm elections for the GOP, a Republican congressman in Indiana is calling on his party to regroup in order to block President Joe Biden’s agenda.

Banks’ remarks came during a Fox News Sunday interview in which he predicted that Republicans would win a slim House majority and must work together to defeat Leftist policies.


Biden has a plan to counter the right’s attempt to stop him.

CNN reported. The Republican leadership on Capitol Hill has made it abundantly clear that if they gain control of Congress, Biden must prepare for investigation.

With a majority in the House or Senate, GOP lawmakers could chair several oversight committees, allowing them to investigate Biden, the White House, and even members of the president’s family. Not to mention the drumbeat of impeachment talk – for Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas or even President Biden himself.

Republicans have indicated that they are eager to target all of these issues so far.

Yet despite this, Biden madea  statement on how he would handle that situation. 


Something has to be done to counter all of the illegal actions taken by the Biden administration, and investigations do need to happen when it comes to the border, economy, and hunter Biden. Congress should after day one of being sworn in announce a litany of investigations into the FBI, DOJ, and any other agency that has been obviously politicized, and begin the process of firing every single one of the corrupt officials. We need to save America now, and they need to get busy. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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