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Looks like Brian Kemp is getting read to bite the bullet and start campaigning for someone Trump endorsed as the future of the senate is on the line.

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With the fate of the Republican control of the senate still in the balance following the midterm elections, Brian Kemp is putting his boots back on and getting back out into the field to help secure a Republican majority senate. 

Free beacon reports. In their first joint appearance of the Senate race, Georgia Republican governor Brian Kemp is expected to join Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker next week.

A Walker campaign source confirmed that the two Georgia Republicans will hold a joint event. The Free Beacon reported that it is expected to take place sometime next week. This appearance could signal a united front between Kemp, whose primary election was strongly opposed by former President Donald Trump, and Walker, whom Trump vigorously endorsed, in a race that could decide party control of the Senate. In Tuesday’s general election, Walker and Warnock finished within a point of each other, but neither candidate received the 50 percent needed to avoid a rematch next month.


While Mitch McConnell knows he has little chance of making the Herschel Walker run off successful, he appears to have ignited the flame to get it done.

Politico reports. Herschel Walker’s December runoff election could determine control of the Senate next year, which Mitch McConnell wants to win.

By lending his get-out-the-vote machine to the Senate GOP’s voter turnout efforts, Kemp gives the party access to one of the GOP’s most formidable state operations. Despite facing a Donald Trump-backed opponent in the primary, the governor easily defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams in the general election.

Are we about to see another repeat of other Georgia run-offs as the entire nations political teams are about to descend on Georgia? There were tens of thousands of paid workers, and volunteers who came from around the country for both sides of the aisle for the last run off and this time will be no different. Only time will tell if the run-off election will work out favorably for the Republicans as we apparently have had no luck in Georgia for the last 2 of them. 

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Next News Network Team

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