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If the state of the country wasn’t bad enough, now we have MSNBC making insanely terrifying predictions about the 2024 presidential elections. Their prediction is a whole case of nope soda. 

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With a failing economy, sky high inflation, world war 3 on the horizon, and a litany of historic worsts for America, the leftist at MSNBC just floated something about the 2024 presidential election cycle that should scare you to your core.

Breitbart reported. According to an MSNBC panelist suggesting that there is a strong “appetite” for a 2024 joint ticket of Republican Liz Cheney and Democrat Stacey Abrams – who both lost in the recent midterm elections – it would be an “exciting” idea.

During an MSNBC segment Thursday night discussing the next steps for losing candidates, including a potential future presidential run by defeated Democrat Tim Ryan, MSNBC contributor and Voto Latino CEO Maria Teresa Kumar appeared to float her idea of a “good ticket” for the 2024 presidential election.


BRIDGE. Liz Cheney had some comments as to why the midterms results were such a good result for the quote moderates following the election. 

New York Times stated. Representative Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming who was ousted in her primary after being a steadfast and vocal critic of former President Donald J. Trump, called the losses by far-right candidates in the midterm elections a “clear victory for team normal.”

Liz Cheney said in an interview “I think that you saw in really important races around the country people coming together to say, ‘We believe in democracy. We believe in standing up for the Constitution and for the republic,’ and a real rejection of the toxicity and the hate and the vitriol and of Donald Trump,” Ms Cheney said.

Ms. Cheney overwhelmingly lost in the Republican primary in August to her Trump-backed opponent, Harriet Hageman, who was elected on Tuesday to Wyoming’s lone House seat with nearly 70 percent of the vote.

It is funny that the left would attempt to put the 2 worst candidates on pedestals for a potential 2024 run. Stacey Abrams refused to concede her election in 2018 claiming that her race was taken from her, and Liz Cheney spent the last 2 years making sure Trump Could never run for president again instead of focusing on how to fix this country. Both are utter failures as politicians, and they have no place in a 2024 election cycle. We desperately need Donald Trump back in office, without him our country is doomed to fail. 

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