Elon Drops the Hammer on Twitter Engineer Who Dared Challenge His Authority

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Elon Musk is apparently having to duke it out on social media with his disgruntled employees, and in this case it resulted in a bad outcome for that employee.

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The benefits of being a sole owner in a company are numerous. One of which is not having to listen to a publicly owned board of directors, or having to be held accountable to shareholders. Yet Twitters direct success or failure depends solely on the direction that Elon Musk wants to take Twitter. 

According to the Daily Caller. One of Twitter’s employees attempted to one-up Musk on the social media site and was fired.

Musk apologized Sunday for Twitter “being super slow in many countries.”

Twitter engineer Eric Frohnhoefer quoted Musk and said he had spent “6 years working on Twitter for Android and could say this [was] wrong.”

In response, Musk asked Frohnhoefer, “What is the right number” and what Frohnhoefer had done to resolve the issue of Twitter being slow on android.

Money Nerd Techie jumped in the dispute “I have been a developer for 20 years.  And I can tell you that as the domain expert here you should inform your boss privately.  Trying to one up him in public while he is trying to learn and be helpful makes you look like a spiteful self serving dev.”

In a now deleted tweet, Musk replied that he had in fact Fired the “engineer”

Elon has zero issue terminating employees or dissolving boards of directors.

Daily caller wrote. Twitter informed the Securities and Exchange Commission in October that the Board of Directors has been dissolved and replaced with Musk, who will act as the sole director of the social media company.

Musk became the sole director of Twitter “in accordance with the terms of the Merger Agreement,” according to the SEC filing as reported by The Hill.

“On October 27, 2022, and as a result of the consummation of the Merger, Mr. Musk became the sole director of Twitter,” the filing read. “In accordance with the terms of the Merger Agreement, effective as of the effective time of the Merger, the following persons, who were directors of Twitter prior to the effective time of the Merger, are no longer directors of Twitter: Bret Taylor, Parag Agrawal, Omid Kordestani, David Rosenblatt, Martha Lane Fox, Patrick Pichette, Egon Durban, Fei-Fei Li and Mimi Alemayehou.”

Elon Musk is trying to bring free speech back to Twitter, and the staff is revolting. No surprise in that since they have been doing everything they can for the last few years to silence the entirety of the right wing of politics. They have unilaterally banned millions of right wing individuals, news sources, and other media outlets that did not fit with their constrictive view of the world. Ever since Musk announced that he was going to undue that, the entire liberal world has gone against him. Now, as he continues to fight for the freedom of speech on the world’s largest micro blogging site, it is left solely to his discretion as to how he proceeds. But we have one request: Elon Bring Trump back!

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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