10 Major Companies Just Announced MASSIVE Layoffs in the past 10 days

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 Major companies are announcing layoffs in the midst of the economic downturn, and this could mean massive troubles for everyone in the near future.

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Joe Biden has led us into one of the worst economic downturns in modern American history. With financial reports coming out that are signaling that we could be entering into a depression, and major companies are making moves ahead of the next plunge.

NoqReport stated. Many of the biggest companies in the entire country are now conducting mass firings, and this is reminding many analysts of what we witnessed back in 2008.  During the “Great Recession”, millions of Americans ultimately lost their jobs.  Will we see a similar thing happen this time around?  Let’s hope not, but right now the signs are not encouraging.  The following are 10 major layoff announcements which have all happened within the past 10 days…

Gannett, Roku, CNN, CISCO, GE Appliances, Asana, Outside Media, Lyft, Twitter, and Amazon, have all announced major layoffs in response to the insane economic downturn caused by joe Biden.

This news comes after Jeff Bezos issued a dire warning for Americans.

Newsmax reported. Bezos offers some advice to Americans worried the U.S. economy might further contract or enter a recession in 2023: Don’t take risks. 

Bezos recently advised consumers against purchasing big-ticket items like televisions and cars in an interview with CNN Business.


Things are going to get worse indeed. Following the midterm elections Biden flatly stated that he will not be reversing on any of his agenda items, nor was he willing to change course on his failed policies. But we have a glimmer of hope with a now Republican controlled house, and even larger ray of hope that Donald Trump has announced for the White House in the 2024 presidential elections. 

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