NOBODY CARES: Kinzinger Soaks Up Liberal Limelight

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 Adam Kinzinger is out attacking other Republicans again as he sets his sights on Kevin Mccarthy. 

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Adam Kinzinger knows his time in the public eye is extremely limited while he is still a congressman, and he is out there on CNN trying to soak up as much of the limelight as he possibly can.

Just the news reported. Illinois Republican Rep. Adam Kinzinger on Sunday criticized House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, claiming that the California GOP leader will not last long if he is elected to House speaker.

Let’s see his comments.

Fox News writes. Several Twitter users mocked Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger after he said that Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., was not his party’s future.

As part of CNN’s midterm election coverage, Kinzinger spoke with anchor Anderson Cooper about the results. DeSantis’ landslide victory in Florida and its implications for conservatives were notable topics of discussion.

Let’s Watch.

Twitter Users took some aim at Kinzingers Statements.

Tom Elliot tweeted. “Good indicator for DeSantis: @RepKinzinger says he’s not the future of the Republican Party.”

Jim Geraghty a blue check tweeted “Mmm, indeed, Ron DeSantis won almost no votes outside of the state of Florida last night. Cunning insight, right there.”

Adam Kinzinger needs to just go away. He refused to run for re-election because his own district was rejecting him. He cannot get onto fox news or other conservative leaning channels because he is selling liberal ideals while wearing the clothes of a republican. He is quickly becoming more irrelevant by the day, and he refuses to accept that. Next he will launch his 2024 presidential campaign to defeat Donald Trump, and it will be glorious to watch Trump demolish Kinzinger daily. So, a word of advice Adam, just fade into the background, as conservatives we don’t care about your RINO opinions. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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