Democrat Representative Claims Biblical Powers To Ensure Leadership Role

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A Democrat representative from the south has claimed biblical powers in order to maintain his leadership position in congress.

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Politicians often feel they have been called to a life of public service, and do their best to help those they are elected to serve. Other times those who are in power demand they remain in power, and often cite religious reasons to achieve that power – for personal gain.

Daily wire reported. Jim Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, said he believes staying in office is “Biblical” for him.

During an interview with CBS News’ Margaret Brennan on “Face the Nation” Sunday, Clyburn, 82, made the comments.


Recently another liberal Democrat invoked God’s name while promoting themselves into power. 

As TownHall reports, National Republicans drew attention to an interview with Georgia’s twice failed Democratic gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams in which she claimed her abortion support was a matter of faith.  I would imagine such framing is profoundly off-putting to many Christians, but that wasn’t the only problem with her answer.  Here’s the clip:

It’s pretty sickening when a politician brings up the name of God in an effort to kill unborn children, or uses the bible and biblical references in order to maintain their positions of power, only for personal gain and not those of the people. Had Clyburn stated he wanted to continue to make his district better, and went on about how much he has helped his constituents the commentary from us would be dramatically different. But it is clear that he wants to retain his power for only personal gains, not those of his people. Power hungry politicians need to be primaried, and elected out of office not given new fancy titles to gratify their personal needs to have more of it. There are way too many politicians that are presently in office who only seek to control, and not to lead.  

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