BOOM! DeSantis Drives The Stake Into Disney With 5 CRUSHING Words Bob Iger Will Never Forget

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 Parents want the best for their kids, they want them to laugh and play and experience life. Parents don’t want their kids to be exposed to adult themes at an impressionable age and certainly don’t want them confused about their biology either. Sadly that’s exactly what Disney has become, a woke propaganda machine pushing an agenda that dismisses parents’ desires for their kids, and now Disney is feeling the pain and Ron DeSantis isn’t holding back. 

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Ron DeSantis slammed Disney during an interview Tuesday night after the company’s CEO, Bob Iger, apologized for being dragged into a fight with the state.

During an interview with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, DeSantis discussed Disney’s opposition to the Florida Parental Rights in Education Act, which bans schools from discussing sexual matters with young children.

Governor Ron DeSantis responded to Disney CEO Bob Iger’s recent comments saying, “They brought this on themselves.”

RedState notes, A few weeks ago, Iger returned as Disney’s CEO after years of leading the woke revolution. He is, however, ready to change tack after the company’s disastrous battle with Florida’s Ron DeSantis. It is Iger’s intention to move Disney toward a more neutral position in the culture wars despite the clash with Republican rockstar governor.

In video exclusively obtained by Christoper Ruffo, Iger signals he’s working to “quiet things down”

In a followup tweet Ruffo posted the moment Iger expressed regret.

Ruffo noted in a third tweet that Disney was retreating when Iger stated Disney would, “”listen to [its] audience” and “have respect for the people that [it’s] serving.”

Disney’s backtrack from ‘woke’ propaganda is a win for parents who want their kids to enjoy wholesome entertainment. Sadly, Disney has become a platform for pushing adult themes and confusing young minds about basic biology. Well, thankfully Disney is finally moderating its agenda in response to the damaging effect it was having on its brand. It appears that the strategy adopted by conservatives to force the major entertainment giant to declare neutrality is paying off! If Disney wants to stay competitive they should return to focusing on harmless fun entertainment rather than political agendas; after all, parents want the best for their kids and don’t want them exposed to adult topics at such a young age.

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