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Something out of a fascist playbook has been announced from New York Cities mayor Eric Adams, and it screams to be stopped legally.

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The left always tries to state that the right is using fascist tactics and that the right is attacking the most vulnerable in every move they do. Now, the left is openly using tactics that we would expect out of 1930’s Germany, or Mao’s china.

Daily wire reported. New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the city will begin to involuntarily hospitalize mentally ill residents.

Until November, city workers were instructed to limit the involuntary commitment program, known as Kendra’s Law, to only people who presented an imminent threat to themselves or to others. These criteria no longer need to be met in order to immediately hospitalize people who refuse treatment voluntarily. 

According to Adams, first responders in the city will be able to remove mentally ill people who pose a threat to themselves. The first responders can remove individuals from the scene and take them to a hospital for evaluation, where they will be held until a treatment plan is established.


This announcement comes after a series of attacks on the subway. 

The post millennial reports. According to reports, the homeless man who pushed an Asian woman to death in Times Square subway station in January had been in and out of mental hospitals for the past 20 years and was deemed unfit to stand trial because of his untreated mental illness.

In addition, Adams wants to loosen the standards that require inpatient treatment for those who are admitted to the hospital with untreated mental illness.

All police officers, social workers, and mental health treatment teams will receive expanded guidelines and be retrained accordingly.

The person’s ability to remain free on the street will be determined from someone else’s perspective. Let’s say for a minute that you have an extremely liberal “official” who decides that the person wearing a Trump hat is a danger to themselves, or others and they now have the authority to scoop that person off the street without a court order, and force them to go to a mental health facility until they have been evaluated. If this law stands, across the country actions like this can take place. Albeit, there is a need to stop the mentally unstable from hurting others, but the amount of abuse that can arise from this new rule is staggering. There needs to be due process allowed to everyone, just like the constitution promised.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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