Libs Lose Their Minds Over Don Lemon’s Comments On Women’s Sports

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Don Lemon made some comments on how much money women make for playing sports, and his liberal co-hosts lost their minds. 

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With low revenues, and lack of knowledge on female teams, women’s sports teams have always struggled to have marginal earnings. Yet there is a cry from liberal news writers to increase the pay for women’s sports, even with no revenue.

CNN reports, On Thursday morning, Don Lemon and his CNN co-anchors got into a heated exchange after Lemon observed that male athletes make more money than female athletes because men’s sports are more lucrative.

Let’s watch the exchange.

Following a commercial break Don Lemon made additional comments that sparked another debate. 

The Washington Examiner wrote, Lemon acknowledged that the women’s soccer team, which has won four FIFA Women’s World Cups, has had more success than the men. In contrast to the men’s leagues, he pointed out that the women’s leagues lacked national interest.

Don Lemon’s additional comments sparked another debate, Watch.

Wow. Gonna have to agree with Don Lemon on this one. It is not about how well people play it is about the revenue generated from the athletes competing, that is what the pay is based on. The media companies could do a better job promoting the leagues, which in turn would generate more AD revenue for the players to earn additional incomes from. That would significantly increase the pay for the Women’s leagues. Until that happens, it is not likely that the leagues will have additional revenue enough to pay the female athletes more money. Shame that the liberal media pundits cannot understand simple economics, that it is not based on performance, but revenues. 

Let’s continue this conversation, in the comments below.

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