National Security Advisor Can’t Answer Simple Question Pertaining To the Border

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The National Security Advisor was recently asked a soft-ball question about border security and his answer was just mind boggling. 

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Everyday with this Admin is an eventful day, and it only gets worse when the National Security Advisor was asked the simplest of questions about border security and he couldn’t  even answer it. How can you be this incompetent and be in charge?

TownHall Reports, President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, was unable to provide a clear answer about how rigorous the vetting process for illegal migrants is during Monday’s White House press briefing.

To his defense, here is the poorly phrased softball question:

A reporter asked, “how many people are crossing the border that the U.S. government has no idea, like estimates of how many people are crossing, aren’t giving their names, aren’t giving IDs, aren’t able to verify who they are?”

Pretty poorly phrased question right? Nevertheless, it’s the easiest question in the world that only requires a pretty simple answer.

Here is how it played out instead.

That wasn’t even the most disturbing part of the entire story. This is: Because Border Patrol agents are consistently overwhelmed at the southern border, processing times for people turning themselves in to law enforcement have decreased, raising questions about how thorough a background check is. Whenever top Homeland Security officials visit processing centers, agents are instructed to empty the centers in order to make the problem seem less severe.

News Nation Network correspondent Ali Bradley reported the following on Twitter:

Border Patrol sources telling me they’re being directed “to process faster” & get at least 10,000 migrants out of BP custody “by any means” ahead of DHS Secretary Mayorkas’ visit tomorrow—Agents say migrants will be returned voluntarily or released w/an NTA (notice to appear).

This follows:

@SecMayorkas is set to visit the El Paso sector tomorrow. Agents say whenever a “higher up” comes to visit, they “clean house” so it looks like everything is under control.

This is not a surprise to anyone paying attention. This is what we all suspected was happening with the exception of proof to back up our thoughts. It is probably related to the investigation republicans plan to conduct on ICE in January.

Daily Caller Reported a week ago, Rep. Pat Fallon, a Republican from Texas, pledged to investigate why immigration and customs enforcement (ICE) underreported the number of illegal aliens released without tracking technology by nearly 18,000%, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation, who first discovered the discrepancy.

According to an internal document exclusively obtained by DCNF, 49,459 illegal aliens were not being monitored with any tracking equipment as of Nov. 14. However, the agency’s website reported 266 with this status as of Nov. 19.

During a Fox and Friends First segment on Friday, Carley Shimkus asked Fallon about the discrepancy in the DCNF report.

Here is what Fallon had to say about the discrepancy and what Republicans will do when they take over.

Fallon explained what Republicans will do with the discrepancy after they take over.

Take a look

It’s mind-boggling how the current administration is managing to evade basic questions from the American people on such a wide-scale. They virtually own the majority of media outlets, yet they still fail to come up with coherent answers for simple inquiries. One has to question if this is done out of incompetence or a sinister intent; either way it’s concerning for citizens as it creates an element of mistrust and confusion amongst us all. It doesn’t get much easier in regard to understanding the motivations or intentions of our present leadership; leaving us all with many unanswered questions. Then, Gaslighting people when they know exactly what’s happening behind closed doors.

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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