Bill Clinton CAUGHT on Camera LIFELESS As Thousands Cheer Around Him

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A video of former President Bill Clinton has gone viral, showing him looking nothing less than catatonic while he sits at an NFL game. Did he have too much to drink? Has he passed out from the stress of the Epstein victim set to release video that could implicate him? Either way it’s a sight to behold and we’re about to show you.

Sunday’s game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants looked to be an interesting one, especially since former President Bill Clinton was in attendance. When things got a bit slow for the former Commander in Chief, he appeared to take a nap, looking lifeless – probably to get away from any potential nagging from Hillary! Sure, it could have been that he was up all night with prostitutes, but who really knows for sure.

Trending Politics reports, Bill Clinton attended Sunday’s Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants football game where, at one point during the game, passed out and was captured on camera taking what appears to be a nap.

As he arrived he greeted fans.

As noted by The Spun, it is unclear at what point in the game he decided to nap, but at one point during the game he was caught on camera passed out.

Was the former president tired after spending all night with prostitutes? Could it be that Hillary has been nagging lately? We may never know.

Nodding off is a habit of Clinton’s.

Clinton went viral when he fell asleep behind the speaker at a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in 2008.

He also fell asleep during Joe Biden’s inaugural speech, which nobody can blame him for.

All eyes were on Bill Clinton on Sunday at the Eagles-Giants game, but not for the reason you may expect. Photos revealed the disgraced former president had dozed off during a rather uneventful moment of the game, leaving onlookers to wonder why he was so sleepy. It could be that he’d been up all night with prostitutes as some cheekily suggested, or simply that Hillary has a tendency to nag uncontrollably. Whatever the cause of his slumber, one thing is for certain: the former Commander in Sleep is still a disgrace and should be ashamed to show his face in public. 

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