Latino Anchor Blasts Joe Biden’s Disregard Of The Border Crisis

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An anchor on Univision becomes the first Latino anchor to blast Biden for ignoring the obvious border crisis.

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The situation at the border is getting worse by the day, especially as we near the end of Title 42,  yet Joe Biden has chosen to completely ignore it. Well a Latino anchor broke from the ranks and went on a rant criticizing Biden for choosing not to visit the border while in Phoenix.  You aren’t going to want to miss this.

NewsBuster reports, In today’s rare moment of lucidity, Univision’s normally melodramatic coverage of the southern border crisis was interrupted by anchor Satcha Pretto of Despierta America, who condemned President Biden for failing to visit the border during his Arizona public relations visit last week and “see for himself what was happening”.

Reporter ELYANGÉLICA Gonzalez began the report by using the word chaos to describe the border situation:

“One word can define what is happening there at the border: precisely chaos,” Gonzalez said. “The same (word) used by a senior Department of Homeland Security official regarding the massive crossing of thousands of migrants that have overwhelmed immigration agencies.”

With the end of Title 42 restrictions imposed during the pandemic, an even bigger wave of immigrants will be expected after December 21st.

The following is a glimpse of the reporter (ELYANGÉLICA GONZALEZ) and anchor (SATCHA PRETTO) response to Biden’s disregard for the border crisis.

Despite whatever reason, this is the first time Latino reporters have been featured actually criticizing the border situation at the border. Which proves we republicans aren’t completely heartless for wanting proper procedures to be used when it comes to immigration.

Americans from all backgrounds regardless of where they come from should be outraged by the manner in which these illegal migrants are coming in. They are ruining it for those who come here the right way and wait years to become citizens.

According to CBS, more than a million immigrants were naturalized as citizens in fiscal year 2022, the third-highest tally in U.S. history, according to a USCIS report released on Wednesday.

According to USCIS figures, 967,400 adults swore the oath of allegiance at naturalization ceremonies across the country in the 12-month period ending Sept. 30. Taking into account cases of children descended from U.S. citizens and other naturalizations, 1,023,200 immigrants became citizens in fiscal year 2022.

According to historical government statistics, the number of naturalized adults was only greater in 1996 and 2008, when 1,040,991 and 1,046,539 adults were naturalized. 

It is a disgrace that the current administration is offering incentives to those crossing illegally over our borders when nearly 1 million new citizens have gained American citizenship through legal avenues in the past year. This sends a message to others around the world that illegally entering the United States is acceptable and can be done with ease. The people who went through years of hard work, hundreds of forms and endless amounts of paperwork were met with obstacles, sleepless nights, mountains of stress and financial burden to gain a chance at a new life in this country. It’s outrageous that 5 million plus illegal immigrants can “waltz in” without such challenges after so many put forth their best effort just to do it right. Our government must be held accountable for its part in incentivizing wrongdoers instead of rewarding those who did it the right way – this sets an incredibly reckless example.

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