You won’t believe what Biden did now to make the American Citizenship Test DUMBER!

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President Biden seems to have hit the ‘easy button’ when it comes to naturalizing new citizens in America. After centuries of hard and rigorous tests, the Biden administration has drastically lowered standards for individuals hoping to join our country. 

Biden recently announced plans to drastically dumb down the American citizenship test, making it easier for foreign immigrants to become citizens. For some, this is a welcome step towards adaptation and evolution of the nation. However many view Biden’s decision as a slap in the face to all that America stands for – whether it be respect for the law, democratic values, or the English language. Biden’s recent initiative is certainly considered a disgrace by those who desire to maintain America’s longstanding traditions and values.

Daily Caller reports, In an unpublished notice obtained by the DCNF scheduled for publication Thursday, Citizenship and Immigration Services announced changes to the U.S. naturalization test on Wednesday, reducing the difficulty of the English-speaking section and editing the civics section to make the test easier for citizenship applicants.

A notice states that changes will result in a more conversational section for English-speaking students, rather than the more formal section previously discussed, with standardized criteria for assessment that reduce the discretion of the examiner. “Applicants will respond to three color photographs randomly selected from a bank of approximately 70 images that directly correspond to an ordinary usage scenario.”

Moreover, the civics section will be redesigned to be a multiple-choice test with four options per question, instead of the previous “fill-in-the-blank” test where candidates have to answer from memory. Multiple-choice questions on college admissions tests like the SAT and ACT increase the likelihood of a candidate selecting the right answer by 25%, while also making it easier for them to recall the right answer.

This is a perfect comparison to both administrations. One wants to challenge people when becoming American citizens, while one wants it to be as easy as crossing the border. I’m sure if Biden had it his way, the naturalization test would be illegally crossing the border, as he has allowed record amounts to just roll in.

Now This is News reported back in 2020, that the Trump administration had revised the naturalization test, doubling the number of questions and adding another layer of complexity.

Here was one of CNN host’s Michael Smerconish literally complaining about it on national tv when the news broke.

The Trump administration is, according to critics of the 2020 Citizenship test, making things harder for people striving to become citizens with this new test.

According to Eric Cohen, executive director of the Immigrant Legal Resource Center in San Francisco, there is no legal or regulatory reason to do this. They decided on their own that they had to change it for political reasons.”

Others have criticized the citizenship test changes as part of the Trump administration’s xenophobic immigration policies, such as the restriction on asylum and the increase in application fees. In addition, Slate reported that President-elect Biden could reverse the changes, but Heba Gowayed, an assistant professor of sociology, argued that the test shouldn’t exist.

Would you look at that, I wonder if that sociology professor made Biden’s administration?

America has always been a melting pot from around the world. We pride ourselves on having individuals from every walk of life, and every culture from around the globe, and we welcome them with open arms. But, that welcome as a few conditions. We want people who come to our nation to embrace our way of life, while allowing them the freedoms they deserve. In order for this to happen there needs to be certain standards set and maintained, like being able to speak basic English, know how our government functions, and have an understanding of our history. It is that understanding of where we came from as a nation that is enabling them to move here, and enjoy opportunities that do not exist anywhere else in the world. To lower those standards, lowers American greatness, and that is unacceptable. 

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Next News Network Team

Next News Network Team

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